Never get DUO Prompt from Mac App

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For 1Password business; I am currently having an issue with my users whereby they login via the mac app; but never receive the DUO prompt. For the users that it does occur with; the 1Password shows a successful login in the access logs, but nothing ever appears in DUO logs.

There was another thread on this; but it never had any followup posts.

Is there a solution or workaround to this that doesn't involve turning 2FA for all users? The latest user I am having issues with currently can't even log into the app for the first time with a brand new laptop.

1Password Version: 7.9.4
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: MacOS 12.3


  • ag_max
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    Hi @tb_bhav,

    I understand you mentioned that some of your users aren't receiving prompts to authenticate using Duo when unlocking 1Password. It's possible the authentication frequency is set to 15 or 30 days, and they just don't recall doing so. It's also possible some of these users' statuses in Duo have been set to "Bypass", where they are not at all prompted to authenticate for any Duo-connected applications (including 1Password). I'm not sure if Duo records logs when a user is set to bypass, so you may need to check that on your end.

    As there may be something else causing this reported behavior, I'd like to move this discussion to email so we can help investigate further, in private. You should see an email with a notification in your inbox. One of my colleagues will reply as soon as they're available. 👍

  • tb_bhav
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    Hey @ag_max,

    If there are private items (like logs), we can definitely take it to email - but it's beneficial to the community for other users who are experiencing the same issues. It may be a config issue on my side - and I’m ok with that if it helps somebody here.

    I should have clarified. This is a first time login on the system and 1Password is waiting for the Duo prompt to complete. It does not let the user in. I do not see a DUO modal in 1Password.

    • I can confirm that DUO DOES record if a bypass was used.
    • There is a transaction record on 1Password, but no record of push in DUO.
    • If a user is on the same network and logs in from their mobile device, they get the DUO prompt no issue and there is a transaction in both systems
      • I list this to rule out some sort of IP white listing or geo blocking issues on either system
  • @tb_bhav,

    I appreciate you sharing those extra details. My colleague Zaid has replied to the email ticket created in our system and provided some steps. Should the problem persist after trying those suggestions, let us know by replying in that email, as we'll likely need to collect some diagnostics information and discuss private details about your setup that we're unable to discuss here. 👍

    For now, for the benefit of other customers, if you or your team members aren't receiving Duo prompts when using 1Password 7 for Mac, I've provided some suggestions below.

    1. Completely close the browser that opens but doesn't facilitate a Duo prompt:
      • Right-click on the affected browser icon in your Dock.
      • Click Quit.
    2. Setting Safari as your default browser to properly authenticate 1Password with Duo:

    Should the issue persist, or if you're experiencing another problem with Duo, please send us an email so we can investigate.

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