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I have customers who sometimes need to share a password with me. They often send it over email. I hate that. They don't have 1password and getting them to install it just isn't going to happen. Is there some way to send them a link where they can add a password into my 1password, so it opens up a secure webform where they enter the details and hit save and it saves it to my 1password? That would be cool


  • Errol_1PErrol_1P

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    Thanks for your question @candlepop

    It sounds like you're asking for the inverse of the Psst! Password secure sharing tool. In this case, you're asking that 1Password be able to give the recipient (a non-1Password user) the ability to send their secret to you (a 1Password user), through a secure sharing link?

    We've had a number of customers ask for a similar recipient-initiated sharing feature and our development team currently has this on their radar. There are no timelines on this, at the moment, but it's definitely being reviewed/assessed. Let me know if this answered your question. Thanks!

  • candlepopcandlepop
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    It does. Thanks a ton!

  • ag_maxag_max

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    On behalf of Errol, you're very welcome, @candlepop.

    Let our team know if we can be of any help in the future.

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