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Are there any plans for having 1Password accept SMS as a 2FA for authenticating access to the 1Password app? I rolled out 1password to my team so they didn't have to have other authenticators. It is not user friendly to require google authenticator, authy, or microsoft authenticator to access 1password. I just don't want to have to support yet another app. I was just wondering if this was a future feature????

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  • ag_max
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    Hi @tdbbs,

    Currently, 1Password supports two-factor authentication codes generated from third-party authenticator apps like the ones you mentioned. We do not support traditional SMS as a way to send out these codes. Even if we implemented this, we do not collect phone numbers from our users, which would prevent us from sending codes out via SMS in the first place. Although I'm not aware of any current plans for implementing this, I'll go ahead and file your request in our internal database for tracking purposes.

    If you'd like to restrict your users to a single authenticator app, you may be interested to hear that we support Duo. When enabled, everyone on your team who hasn't yet done so will need to enroll using Duo and use that to authenticate 1Password every 1-30 days (whatever frequency you set). You can read more about using Duo with 1Password here:

    Use Duo for your team

    ref: IDEA-I-767

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