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op 2.x appends a newline to end of document bytes

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It appears op version 2 (2.1.0 in my testing) appends a \x0a or ASCII newline character to the end of the byte stream when calling op document get.
I've run a few tests with versions 1.12.4 and 2.1.0. In each case I get the errant byte on the end with version 2, and not with version 1. I've attached a few screenshots. In the screenshots are two example documents each being retrieved by op version 1.12.4 and version 2.1.0. In each the bytes are piped to hexdump to show the errant \x0a byte on the end (or the absence of the byte).

Example 1:
example 1 - op 1.12.4
example 1 - op 2.1.0

Example 2:
example 2 - op 1.12.4
example 2 - op 2.1.0

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