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In the current iOS beta, the categories are listed in singular (except for rewards). I think it makes more sense to list the categories in plural like in version 7.


  • MrCMrC
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    I see the label as the name of the category, not an indicator of plurality. It answers the question "What is my category name?" (answer: "Login" or "Identity") rather than "What type of things do I contain?" (answer : "Logins" or "Identities") .

    It's also consistent with the nouns listed when you click the button to create a new entry.

    The plural form makes sense when there's an item count that follows (Logins: 247).

    Rewards is one of those exceptions, since the plural is often used (e.g. "your diligence will earn rewards"). "Reward Program" can feel awkward, since it is a Program that earns Rewards (not Reward), but it can be thought in the same way as Loyalty Program (vs. Loyalties Program).

    Ain't language fun?

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