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80700105 watchtower bug

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After the new TestFlight update yesterday there’s a bug in watchtower.

Go to watchtower, Overall password strength, Select any entry.

Swiping to go back, watchtower back button, home button, search button and settings button all freeze. Also the edit button isn’t present.

All until you interact with the vault location button which brings the bottom pop up.

This only seems to affect the first entry after entering watchtower. Entering subsequent entries after its unfrozen will be fine until reentering watchtower from the home tab.

I think that covers it 😄


  • chris55chris55
    Community Member

    Also happens for ignored alerts

  • chris55chris55
    Community Member

    Bumping this, still present in 80800009

  • bonbonbonbon
    Community Member

    I can’t confirm this in my iphone 13 pro max

  • chris55chris55
    Community Member

    Hmm, if you allow the watchtower score to fully calculate, I’m then able to reproduce it 70% of the time.

    If you click “Overall password strength” or “show ignored alerts” before the score calculates, it doesn’t do it.

  • chris55chris55
    Community Member

  • ag_kevinag_kevin

    Team Member

    Hi @chris55 ,

    Thank you for writing in. We've been looking for steps to reproduce it as I've seen it happen too. We'll get this fixed up as soon as possible.


    ref: 15144

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