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Bug: Switching between apps after tapping “scan setup code” breaks the setup code popover

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edited April 2022 in iOS
  1. Revoke 1P8’s camera permissions (or decline them first use)
  2. Open 1P8
  3. Choose to add an account by scanning a setup code
  4. Notice the popover says you need to grant camera permission
  5. Tap “Cancel”, notice it works and closes the popover
  6. Choose “scan setup code” again, leave the “permission denied” popover open
  7. Switch apps and back to 1P8
  8. Notice the cancel button doesn’t do anything. You have to drag it away to dismiss, or force close 1P8.

I sent feedback via TestFlight a couple weeks ago but I still see this in the latest build so I thought I should report it here too.

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