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Attachment names are randomly assigned

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Hi there!

First of all, good job with 1Password 8, and thanks for letting us play with it before its official release 😄

I would like to highlight an issue (at least for me) with the names of files attached in 1P.

I diligently name my attachments to make them self explanatory so that it is clear what they are about. While the file name is retained and is visible when I click on an entry (see screenshot), if I click on “preview”, a random sequence of numbers and letters is assigned as file name, meaning that that is also going to be the new file name when I save it to my device. This is quite annoying I must admit, especially on iOS devices. I’ve tested both on iPhone (12 Mini) and iPad mini 5 running iOS 15.4.1. This does NOT happen with 1Password 7.

Any chance to fix this?

Thank you!


  • ag_maryamag_maryam

    Team Member

    Hello @1Passerby , thank you so much for bringing this bug to our attention!
    We were able to reproduce and fix this issue.
    Please watch for it in the upcoming releases notes so you’ll know when it is available.
    Thanks for helping us making the app better and have a wonderful day! :)

  • 1Passerby1Passerby
    Community Member

    Hi Maryam,

    Awesome, thank you!
    Looking forward to getting my file names back 😃


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