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In the Windows desktop application when you use a nested tag (i.e._ bills/yearly/paid_) it shows that item in each tag individually ( bills yearly and paid). This functionality does not extend to the iOS version. When looking at nested tags on mobile it only shows items that have that tag specifically. So an item with the tag bills/paid/yearly will only show up when you navigate through all subtags to reach the "complete" tag. However, being able to see the item in its "sub"-tags would be better, so that by adding additional nested tags you can further refine your search but still see items with "incomplete" matches.

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    Here's an example. On mobile this is not the case when browsing tags.
    The only workaround I've found is to use one tag for each additional nesting. Which then incorrectly (technically correct) lists the number of items in a tag on mobile.

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    Hey @theamicus! Sorry for the delay in getting back to you. I've moved your post to our iOS category just to keep things sorted.

    We've made this behaviour consistent in 1Password 8, so this is on the way. 😊 Your use of tags looks really handy – I'll probably have a look at doing something similar myself. I'm always losing track of what's paid with what, and it makes getting a new card a pain!

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