Autofill on iPad OS 15.5 Beta only works half the time

kop48kop48 Junior Member
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Been setting up a new iPad and filling logins using the 1P beta. For some reason, the autofill dialog seems to hang about half the time in Safari. It seems to be an issue with TouchID, as that's the icon that's spinning. I have to terminate the Safari process (or whatever process is hosting the WebView) to get it unstuck. The main 1Password app does not seem to be affected.

1Password Version: Not Provided
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OS Version: Not Provided


  • kop48kop48 Junior Member
    Community Member

    Note that this seems to be limited to Safari. I don't have any issues using 1Password in Edge for iOS, so I'm assuming that the Safari extension for Safari is playing up.

  • tgbttgbt
    Community Member

    This is happening for me as well.

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