Suggestion for 1Password for iPhones, iPads, etc.

On the logins, would you please consider giving us the option to install a custom icon to replace the generic icons for those logins for which a generic login icon is presently our only option? I am a highly visual oriented individual, and the ability to spot the login I need at a glance would be a nice touch.

Also, on those icons that 1Password creates where the icon is still framed by a "metal exterior", would it be possible for the developers to fill in the metal part with the same color as the background? So, for example, the TomTom logo that is framed by metal as a login to that site would be framed by a white background instead of the metal framework?

If you need pictures to illustrate what I am trying to explain, just holler and I can supplement this conversation with links to appropriate images. Thank you.


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    Thanks for the feedback, @glindsey! I will pass this along to the developers. Please keep it coming. We always appreciate it. :)

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