Feature Request: Browser extension icon's indicator that a login exist for current website.

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Just switched from Bitwarden and love your product, just here to make a little request.

In the browser extension could it be possible to have a number bubble (honestly don't know the name of these) indicating how many (if any) accounts 1Password has detected for this website? Like This. It doesn't even need to be a number, could be a color changing icon, green dot, etc.....basically just any indication that there is a "suggested" login found for the website I am currently in.

Examples of why I found it useful in Bitwarden (I think Lastpass also did it):

I have a lot of websites that are basically "disposable", temp email and all. I use the website/service for whatever I wanted at the moment and basically forget about them. Then months/years later I find myself back in these websites and I forgot that I made a disposable account before, so this indication is an easy reminder that I did. I don't even need to get to the login page to know I have a possible account.

With the current extension it does find websites logins as it is supposed to but you basically have no knowledge of this until you click the extension icon and bring up the popup. You could in theory go on a create a whole new account (lose time) to create an account you didn't need just because you forgot.

Hope I was clear enough. Thanks in advance.

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: 2.3.3
OS Version: Firefox

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