Cannot unlock Safari extension

Click on the locked 1Password icon in the browser toolbar and the opened window shows the "loading" message and remains like that. Desktop app is oK and unlocked. Menu bar icon works fine
Tried different combinations to no avail. As fas as I can tell this began after the upgrade of the latest desktop beta.

1Password Version: 8.8.0 (80800011)
Extension Version: 2.3.3
OS Version: macOS 12.3.1


  • victorkrvictorkr
    Community Member

    Update: If I turn off the integration to 1Password in the extension configuration then it works fine. What does this integration do?

  • victorkrvictorkr
    Community Member

    Update 2: After reinstalling for the 4th time seems to work without problems

  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

    Team Member

    Hey @victorkr:

    This definitely isn't the experience we want you to have with 1Password for Safari. Just as a quick first step, if you fully quit both 1Password and Safari, does that improve your state of play? Let me know!


  • victorkrvictorkr
    Community Member

    Hey Jack,
    As suggested I fully quitted both Safari and 1Password and relaunched Safari.
    Clicked on the extension icon and it jumped to the desktop app login screen where I introduced my password.
    Back to Safari and the extension was now unlocked and functional.
    Keep in mind, as I mentioned before, that everything was working after reinstalling the extension a couple of times.
    Hope it helps


  • cortigcortig Senior Member
    Community Member

    I think there are still issues with the integration of 1Password for Safari and the 1Password 8 app. Unlocking takes forever, and when you unlock the app, you sometimes still have to wait for quite some time for the Safari extension to notice.

    It's been like that for quite a while now and I'm not seeing any improvements.

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