Passwordless Sign-in Coming?

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  • DoggieManDoggieMan
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    Will 1Password integrate with Apple's just-announced 'Passkeys'? Or will it become redundant?

  • chris55chris55
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    It will integrate with the OS meaning passkeys stored in 1Password will work on any device you’re signed into, whether that be an apple, windows or Google device.

  • brunoluzbrunoluz
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    I believe it will make 1Password redundant.

    To be honest, I believe 1Password is already somewhat redundant if you have Apple’s Keychain enabled. But Passkeys will push the redundancy even further.

  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

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    Hey folks,

    Great bringing this up! Our goal is to make it easier and more secure for you to sign in, no matter how you end up signing in. As @XIII mentioned, that's part of why we've joined the FIDO Alliance.

    Whatever the future of signing into looks like, we'll be here to help you strengthen your online security, keep track of all your digital stuff, and get you where you want to go.

    Just as an additional note, if you haven't taken a look at, give it a peek. We're pretty excited about what's coming next, and we hope you will be too. 😀


  • brunoluzbrunoluz
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    edited June 8

    Will 1Password incorporate the Passkeys (meaning, Passkeys could be stored inside 1Password) or will Passkeys be a competing tool instead?


  • BenBen AWS Team

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    I think it is too soon to be able to answer that question definitively. What I can say is that this is very cool technology, we're looking closely at how it can best be leveraged for 1Password customers, and our team is on the front lines of moving it forward.


  • Zaka_7Zaka_7
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    Why do people think this is an issue and will make 1PW redundant? If anything it will make it even more necessary. These tokens / credentials will still need to be stored somewhere to be retrieved when required and to sync across devices. Under the hood it may work completely differently, but there will still very much be a need for superb products like this IMO!

  • FooliganFooligan
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    I am someone who has to work on many platforms for my job. I am not going to create Passkeys on any specific ecosystem if I there isn't an easy way to sync them to other platforms.

    EDIT: The QR code option to log in on other devices is acceptable for occasional interactions. But, I don't want to be doing it constantly throughout the day if I am on my Linux workstation where all of my Passkeys are stored in my Apple Keychain. That sounds painful.

  • DoggieManDoggieMan
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    My needs are relatively simple. 1Password has been, so far for me, an elegant solution to logging into websites, not to mention its other features.

    I started this thread out of ignorance as to the intersection of Passkeys and 1P. Since I understand little about the underlying processes I've no idea if the former will make the latter redundant. Looking ahead, I think the question is worth asking.

    With respect to login info, I use 1P to the exclusion of my Mac's Keychain. Would hope that any 'advances' will cause little or no disruption.

  • WaitingForGuacamoleWaitingForGuacamole
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    If you live exclusively in an Apple universe, there's perhaps some argument to be made that Keychain would suit your password storage needs, and that 1Password offers a diminishing return.

    There are two use cases Keychain really can't support - family sharing of secrets (AirDrop, really?), and cross-platform support. 1Password is brilliant for mixed Windows/Mac/iOS use/

  • jburgodjburgod
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    It is great to see 1Password join the FIDO Alliance.

    I watched the demo video on the announcement page ( It feels ironic and counterintuitive to protect my FIDO keys with a master password. The whole point of FIDO is to eliminate passwords. :) I realize there will need to be support for both patterns for quite a while, but it would be great to have the option to completely eliminate my master password and only use FIDO devices.

    Is there a plan to eliminate the master password at some point?

    The concepts presented at are very interesting. Although Passkey brings the promise of a better user experience for cross-device portability, 1Password could definitely have an advantage and better experience in the FIDO Passkey future. Allowing the privates keys to be stored in a vendor agnostic vault and thus accessible across devices is even better (maybe arguably slightly less secure). A user only has to register the device with 1Password and all the other sites and resources already registered are along for the ride. But protecting that information with a master password isn't going to cut it.

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