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Open and Fill (or not)

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I find that a lot of smoothness has gone from the old 'open and fill' process in the iOS beta app. In the old version, I tapped the website address in 1Password and the browser opened to the page and the credentials were filled - I only had to tap to login to the site.

Now, tapping the website field in 1Password 8.8.0 for iOS - does not immediately link out to the site but presents a selection field with 'open', 'copy' and 'show in large type'. I can only assume this is temporary as the only function for tapping a website link should be to go to the linked page (unless in edit mode).

Even when you tap, 'open' and are taken to the page, 1Password does not autofill the credentials so you need to tap to fill these before entering the site. (I have read another thread about the issue with in-app browser but I am sure the fields could be automatically populated.

Otherwise the app is pretty nice. I definitely think there should be a permanent search field at the top of the main screen below the vault name. Or allow a search field to be selected through the customisation options. It doesn't need a separate page and the additional taps required to reach it.


1Password Version: 8.8.0
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: iOS 15.5

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