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Early Access 5: 🚤


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edited May 2022 in iOS

Hello, testers! This week we have a special treat for iPad users: you can now open an item or a Watchtower list in a new window, enabling an ultra-fast way to triage a list and improve your Watchtower Score!

To use this feature When viewing an item, tap the overflow menu and select Open Item in New Window. In Watchtower you can long-press on the Overall Password Strength meter or a category card to open those lists in a new window.

Thank you so much for testing and for all of your feedback so far. We really hope you enjoy this week's updates. Please share your experiences here.

Here are this week's most notable improvements:

  • iPad now supports opening Item Details and Watchtower lists in a new window. !12518
  • Delete permanently and Restore actions are now available in a deleted item's overflow menu. #14716
  • Locked accounts now display a lock icon in the User Menu. #14319
  • Pinned fields not in the current collection/account are now hidden. !12514
  • Resolve iPad search field exceeds toolbar bounds when large accessibility font sizes are used. #14204
  • Disable document downloads when offline. #14404
  • Fixed an issue where removing and re-adding an account would not restore pinned fields. !12554
  • Fixed bug where AutoFill extension could hang during dismissal. #14820
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