Have Masked Email store as "username" rather than "email"

Is it somehow possible to make 1Password store generated Masked Emails in the "username" field rather than in a new "email" field?
At least in my case, sites where I want to log in to use email as username so this would make things easier. Right now I have to copy the Masked Email address and have to put it into the username field.

1Password Version: 8.8.0 (80800021)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10


  • robrob Agile Customer Care

    Team Member

    Hi, @Manaburner. I was just scanning the forum and found some old posts like this one with no replies. Sorry about that!

    If you don't set a username in the item, 1Password will treat your Masked Email entry as the username, so you shouldn't need to worry about copying it over; you can just leave the username blank. Is there a case I'm missing where you need to have the value in the username field specifically?

  • ManaburnerManaburner
    Community Member

    Hi @rob
    I initially should have written that. This happens when I change an existing login, i.e. I have a site where I want to use a Masked Email rather than my "real" email address. When I generate a ME and let 1P update the login item, I end up with my old email as username and the ME as "email", which is not filled by 1P. I hope this makes sense

  • rebea12rebea12
    Community Member

    New masked email gets saved to email not username by default and there is no way to copy email to clipboard or classify the new email as username in quick access UI. Blank username does not get replaced with email. Sorry but you need to do better acceptance testing.

    I have to reopen 1p, find the new record and then edit the record ... too much friction

  • iarnaiarna
    Community Member

    It used to be that we could flag any field to be filled in for usernames, as a property of the field. I'm not sure exactly when we lost that feature, but masked emails make be bump into that lack a lot more often. =/

  • BenBen AWS Team

    Team Member

    Hi folks,

    If you edit the items in question, clear the existing username field (so it is empty), and then save the item, does that resolve the issue?


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