Feature Request - Remote Control Vault Extension and App

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Sometime i have to use a Windows PC, i need to use a PC at Work or i work in a testsystem. This are some of the situations when i don't really want to synchronize my vault onto a machine, but sometimes need a password.
It would be great to have a browser extension that just works somehow like a remote control together with my 1password app on my smartphone. I hope I can explain this somehow understandable.
This browser extension would just submit a password request to the 1password app on my smartphone along with the url or searchterm. Then i would select the suitable login and only these specific credentials would be decrypted from the vault for encrypted transport to the target browser.

The Advantage would be that i don't need to sync my complete vault to this machine and i don't need to use my masterpassword on these kind of systems. This way i could use 1password even for noncritical logins and don't need to type 20 chars from my smartphone.

Thanks for reading and i hope i could explain this somehow.

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