e-mail from Trustpilot mentions 1PW - is this ligit?

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received an e-mail the other day from Trustpilot mentions 1PW - I don't know what this is and is it legitimate or is it spam? I don't know what this is? Is this aligned with 1PW or what is it?

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided
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  • Hey @tuni12 👋

    Thanks for the post! I can confirm that the email you received from Trustpilot, is genuine. I'd love to provide you some context here too, if that's okay?

    As we are going back and checking on older reviews left for 1Password on Trustpilot; we want to acknowledge them and say thanks if we haven't already. For some Trustpilot reviewers, such as yourself, we've left a response saying thanks and Trustpilot felt that they should pop you an email reminder.

    I hope that makes sense, I'll also let Trustpilot know about the feedback and offer ways in which they can improve their email experience. 🙂

    Always here if you have any questions at all,


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