How to set multiple usernames for a single password?

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Hi! My company is using many applications. They integrate with SSO in different ways. Some use email, some use username. But they share the same password. I use 1password to manage these credentials. Now I have two requirements.
1. Set different username for different websites. And auto fill works as expected.
2. If I need to change the password, I can change it for all websites at once.

Does 1password support this?

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  • Christian_XYZRChristian_XYZR
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    i did almost the same post a few seconds ago


  • ag_maxag_max

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    Hi @niuhf0452,

    It isn't currently possible to configure multiple usernames in a single Login item. Using multiple Login items and potentially assigning them with a tag is the recommended solution.

    I have seen some similar requests to directly link usernames to website fields, so I'll go ahead and add your feedback to our internal issue for tracking purposes.

    ref: IDEA-I-412

    For now, you'll need to change the password for each Login item separately. You cannot update the password for multiple Login items at once, unfortunately.

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