Enterprise Feature: Alternative Username

Dear Product Team,

in my company it is still common that we have 2 Usernamens for different Applications.

Technically "Old Windows Logon Name" SAMAccountName something like: ChristianXYZR
User Principal Name something like "[email protected]"

what I do now with 1pw have duplicate entries.

is there a better way to handle this 1 entry? (with same password)


1Password Version: Not Provided
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  • ag_maxag_max

    Team Member

    Hi @Christian_XYZR,

    There isn't currently a way to set up a Login item with multiple/alternative username options. However, we do have an open feature request about this, and I'll be sure to add your request for adding the ability to add alternative usernames to this list, so that our product and development teams can continue to track interest.

    In the meantime, creating two separate Login items with these username variations is still the recommended workaround. From there, you can have each of the different websites that need each specific username configuration tied to those Login items to help ensure that filling in browsers works reliably.

    ref: IDEA-I-412

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