No support for standalone? No more standalone?

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Hey guys! Just want some clarity -- are you ceasing to release any more non-subscription versions of 1Password?

If so, that's really too bad! I've been a paid user since 2010, and prefer to not subscribe to anything -- especially something as important as a password manager. No need to try and sell me on it, either. I'll have to make do with this last release, or move to a competitor, if that's the case. It's not about the storage -- I just don't want to have to pay a subscription model to something as important as a password manager.

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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @extensivegroup

    One of our founders, Dave, wrote a fairly extensive answer to this, here:

    It’s time to say goodbye to standalone licenses

    But the tl;dr is: yes, you're correct, we're no longer selling licenses. Membership is the way forward with 1Password. You've politely asked that we not try and sell you on that, so I'm going to respect your wishes and close things out here. But I would encourage you to read through Dave's post if you have a moment. Beyond that, I hope you change your mind, and we'll be here to help if you do. All the best. ❤️


  • extensivegroupextensivegroup
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    I have loved your product for over a decade, and wish you would reconsider. I may be old-school in thinking this, but having choice over where your data resides (regardless of how failsafe and secure it is) is a fundamental right. And I also believe that subscription models only damage the consumer in the long run. I don't want to pay every month, year, etc. to have my passwords stored in a single place. I demand the choice of where that data resides. It's too bad you are going this way, and if you do offer a standalone version I'll be the first to buy it.

    What was so great about 1Password "OG" is that I could opt to use it on a single computer. No cloud storage to fail (and trust me, it will fail), and no nonsense when it came to knowing where my backups were.

    Far too many companies are offering subscription models only, and I wish you guys wouldn't follow. Please reconsider.

  • dancodanco Senior Member
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    but having choice over where your data resides (regardless of how failsafe and secure it is) is a fundamental right.

    Look at

    AgileBits are considering (I don't have any idea if it will ever happen) the possibility of allowing users to host their own server for 1PW, which would solve that issue if they did. Of course that does nothing about your objections to subscriptions, which AgileBits certainly aren't going to change.

  • Jack.P_1PJack.P_1P

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    Hi @extensivegroup:

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. As danco mentioned, while we're still exploring the possibility of offering the ability of self-hosting the 1Password service, we haven't made any firm decisions on what the financial model of it would look like if we do move forward with it.

    Stay safe out there, and as Ben mentioned above, we'll be here if you'd like any help if you do change your mind.


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