Question about how vault data is shared between devices with 1password subscription

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Hi, I just checked my email archive and my first email to/from 1Password is dated 6/16/06, meaning I've been with you guys a long time... I've been a "stand alone vault" customer for all those years. I currently have a license for 1Password on my main computer (version 7.9.4). I also own the 1Password APP on my phone and iPad (version 7..9.5 it appears)...

I read Dave's long discussion about why you folks have chosen to force us all into a single account if we decide to stay with 1Password and upgrade to version 8. What I think of adding yet one more subscription to my long list of such is another topic. But for now, to help me consider whether I am going to stay with 1Password or not, please help me with the following...

Its' always been my choice (and still is) that I don't want the same data shared between my computer and my "other devices". Even though they are password protected, I simply don't want the vault data that is stored on my computer to be shared with my other devices in case, say, I lose one of those other devices... I use 1Password (the stand alone application) on my main computer in a very different way than what I use the 1Password APPs for on my other devices... Is there a way for me to continue this practice of keeping the "vault data" between my computer and my other devices separate, even with this subscription service??? Such that if one my other devices should ever get compromised, I won't be handing over all the vault data for my main computer???

I've been a loyal customer for 16 years and I hope you folks can provide an answer that will allow me to keep that relationship in tact...

thanks much... Holler back... diitto

1Password Version: 7.9.4
Extension Version: ??
OS Version: macOS 12.3.1


  • bulogyxbulogyx
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    @diitto I feel your pain. I am in the same situation. I have dozens of standalone vaults, only 1 of which is sync'd to my mobile devices for security reasons. I assume you have at least one vault you sync between devices. Otherwise why have the app on your mobile at all?

    The answer to your question is yes, but not by design. You would basically create a separate user for the "other devices." Assuming you want to share only a subset of your entire data set with your mobile devices:

    • Create your primary paid subscription account and login into that on your computer.
    • Go through the migration process so that all your standalone vault data is in this new subscription account. Vault organization is preserved but vault icon is not (go figure).
    • Organize your data such that what you want shared to your mobile devices is in a separate vault, or a vault per device as needed.
    • Login to your main 1password account with a web browser and invite a guest user, which is yourself using a different email.
    • Follow the process to create your second 1password login as this guest user. Remember to save the secret key because it is different.
    • Log out of the web site as the second user and back in as the first and confirm the user.
    • Share your vault with the guest user.
    • Login to 1password on your mobile device(s) as the guest user.

    The end result is that on your mobile device, you are logged into the 1password subscription plan as a guest user and only have access to the specific vaults that are shared with that user. If you would like your mobile devices to have private vaults which are not shared with others, then it has to be a team/family user (on a plan which allows that), not a guest.

    An interesting and somewhat related feature is "Travel Mode." When a user enables Travel Mode, the all vault data is removed from all devices except that vault which is designated as "safe for travel." You could as a matter of practice have Travel Mode enabled most of the time for the 1password user on your mobile devices. It can only be enabled and disabled by accessing the account in a web browser.

  • tomatoshadow2tomatoshadow2
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    @bulogyx I agree travel mode would be the best fit here with a 1PW membership.

  • diittodiitto Junior Member
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    I appreciate the feedback... thanks... All new to me since I've never used before... Still wanting to hear also from the 1Password support folks... thanks again...

  • tomatoshadow2tomatoshadow2
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    @diitto absolutely happy to help, maybe this support article will help you better with collections in 1PW 8 let me know!

  • diittodiitto Junior Member
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    I will read it... thanks much...

  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi folks,

    Collections can certainly help with limiting the visibility of data across different devices, but they won't prevent that data from being present. If the idea is to have separate data sets on separate devices the only way I can think to achieve that would be through the use of multiple 1Password accounts. These could either be separate accounts within a 1Password Families membership, or separate memberships. But all data that is in an account gets synced to every device when the account is added to a device. There is no way to prevent that long-term.

    The least expensive way to do this would likely be with a 1Password Families membership, with various accounts inside for the various levels of separation you want. For example, if you want to separate the data on your computers from your mobile devices you could set up two accounts within a 1Password Families membership. Each of these accounts would have their own unique Personal vault, and then you'd have the option to share any additional vaults (or not). They would also both have access to the built-in Shared vault by default, but you could adjust that if desired (or you could choose not to use this vault).

    I hope that helps!


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