Cannot set up Dropbox syncing in 1Password 3 for iOS

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    I'm also having trouble syncing to my iPhone and iPad. I have 1 Password 3.8.21 on my Macbook Air and an iMac. They seem to stay synced (using Dropbox). The iOS devices do not sync, and they are 1 Password Pro 3.7.2. I'm seeing some information on a new version and grandfathering, etc, but don't really understand. I bought 1 Password quite a while ago from AgileBits (not the Apple App version). What can I do to get the sync working again? THanks

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    If you never set up Dropbox syncing in 1Password 3 for iOS prior to April 1, 2013 then it is no longer possible to set it up. Dropbox made some significant changes to its API, the service that apps like 1Password use to move your data around. 1Password 3 uses the old version of this API, which continues to work for users who set up syncing prior to that date, but no longer accepts new users.

    Complete details are in our blog post:

    Heads up 1Password 3 for iPhone, iPad users: Dropbox changes are coming

    The simplest solution would be to upgrade to 1Password 4 which was released back in December, doesn't have this limitation, and contains loads of new features: iCloud, rich icons, customization, password generator everywhere, swipe actions, favorites, tabbed browsing, global search, dedicated web mode, attachment viewing, faster Dropbox, iTunes file sharing, auto-clear clipboard, and more.

    It's even on sale right now for 50% OFF:

    1Password 4 for iOS

    I hope that helps. Please let me know.

  • I have begun using 1Password more heavily as of late. I have the Mac version, and I use Dropbox sync for my iPhone and Mac. I went today to finally set up the iOS version that is on my wife's iPad, and I ran into this problem, and found the answer here. My question is this: What do I do about the fact that the iOS version has lost functionality? My wife's iPad is the first generation, so upgrading is not an option. The app has been sitting there, and just by sitting there, functionality has been removed. I can't upgrade, and a feature that once was a selling point of the software has been taken away. Short of purchasing a new iPad, (not a serious option) what can I do?

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    The app has been sitting there, and just by sitting there, functionality has been removed.

    Sadly, the change was introduced by Dropbox. It was not anything we had any control over. We attempted to notify users in a timely fashion, but it sounds like you weren't even using 1Password 3 until very recently. I wish I had a better answer, but you may still consider using 1PasswordAnywhere in Mobile Safari.

    If you have a Dropbox account which you had previously used with 1Password 3 for iOS you could use that account to sync to your wife's iPad, but it could be tricky (or impossible) if you have separate data files.

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    This sounds promising...

    I have been using it for some time, but much more so lately. I have used Dropbox sync with my desktop and with my iOS devices, but not yet on my wife's iPad. Now I've used the program(s) to change all my passwords to unique ones for each site, and I use it constantly.

    The app has been on my wife's iPad, unused, for a long time. The other day, I went to sync it, and on first launch, the only option I saw was to do wi-fi sync with the desktop app. Will I have the option to sync via the existing Dropbox file once I do an initial sync on that device?

    Thanks for the reply, and any other info you can provide...


  • And yes, we have the same data file.

  • And it will probably be easier if I lay out the setup...

    1) OS X app is on our Macs, syncing via dropbox
    2) iOS app is syncing via dropbox, onto my iPad (1st Gen), and both my iPhone and my wife's. (both 5's)

    Now, it's just the issue of getting my wife's 1st Gen iPad to be able to sync to the same dropbox file via the 1Password app.

    Thanks again.

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    So you've been syncing 1Password 3 for iOS (not the new 1Password 4 for iOS) via Dropbox with that Dropbox account since before the April 1, 2013 cutoff date? You just hadn't previously set it up on that specific device? Or have you only ever synced with 1Password 4 for iOS?

  • Yup---that's exactly my scenario. :D I only have 1Password3. The iOS devices with which I have synced all have 3, I haven't purchased or used 4.

    So, it's that I have 3 that hasn't been set up on one of my devices, unused on that original gen iPad. And I have been using Dropbox to sync with other devices running 3, long before the 4/1/13 cutoff date.

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    Then you should be fine to simply turn on Dropbox syncing in 1Password 3 on that other device. There shouldn't be any problem with that. If you are having trouble, could you please describe in as much detail as possible the steps you are taking, and what you are [not] seeing happen?

  • I appreciate your time and your help----that worked. The step I was missing was that when presented with the screen for the first-time setup, and presented only with the option to sync via wi-fi, I didn't realize that I needed to setup a new database first, and then sync via Dropbox.

    It's working perfectly now. Once again, thank you for your time and help!

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    Ah! Yes. I'm sorry for the confusion. We updated that confusing screen in version 4. I am so glad everything is working well for you. :D

    Let me know if you ever have any other questions or feedback.


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