[Bug] [1P8] Duplicate logins saved

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I just installed the Android beta and started signing up on a new site.

  1. I clicked the "Open 1Password" button in the keyboard autosuggestion box,
  2. selected an option to make a new login,
  3. realized I couldn't remember whether the website wanted an email or username
  4. returned to the website to see it wanted an email, not a username, so it's good I double-checked and ignored the "username" field label in 1Password,
  5. clicked around between a few browser tabs to get the "Open 1Password" button to re-appear in my keyboard autosuggestion box,
  6. Clicked "Open 1Password" and made my new login info and saved and filled it.
  7. The above process was fine, except for two things:
  8. First, when I returned to the 1Password app later for other reasons, the New Login dialog was still open including with the "Save and Fill" button.
  9. I didn't want to fill anything Y anymore of course, but trying to exit the app warned me I'd lose all the info, so I clicked "Save and Fill" and that seemed fine.
  10. I then noticed the second weird thing, that 1Password had actually created two login entries for the new website.
  11. I checked the data in both logins and deleted the one with less info.

I also clicked Send diagnostics from the app help, in case that's helpful!


  • mverdemverde

    Team Member

    Thanks for reporting this @nukmicah! It seems like we're not correctly discarding the new item when you choose discard changes from the Autofill create new item flow. I'm able to reproduce this issue on my end, so we should be able to dig in and find the root cause.

    Also, although it has nothing to do with the bug, I'll mention the "username" field label is just a guideline. If you want 1Password to fill in your email address in a sign-in form, you'll want to put your email address in the username field. We should maybe label that field differently to avoid confusion, although "username/email" seems a bit unwieldy.

  • nukmicahnukmicah
    Community Member

    @mverde Thank you! Concerning the "username" field label, I agree I'm not sure how it should be labeled differently. My only problem was that some websites specifically ask for an email not a "username", and I didn't think to look before opening the New Login dialog which covers the whole screen.

    Maybe the New Login screen could somehow incorporate a screenshot of the web page info it'll be filling. Not sure this would be a good idea, but just a thought.

    Oh, also item #5 seems like another bug, although it could be with Android and not 1Password. I get the same behavior on 1P7 sometimes. The issue is that login fields do not always trigger the autofill prompt. So I have to either click to another browser tab or app, or open 1Password itself, and then when I return to the original login fielda suddenly I am able to use the normal autofill prompt.

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

    Team Member

    @nukmicah, thanks for your input on this!

    As for #5, refreshing the page by swiping down or tapping ⋮ > 🔃 in your browser then tapping the sign-in field should pull the prompt back up.

  • nukmicahnukmicah
    Community Member

    Sure, that could work too. But isn't that just another workaround for the same bug?

  • mverdemverde

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    Ideally, you wouldn't have to do any tapping around or refreshing of the page. That being said, having Autofill results show correctly whenever the fields are focused requires a coordinated effort between the browser, the system, and 1Password.

    The browser needs to report Autofill events to the system, the system needs to generate Autofill requests and present the results of those requests, and 1Password needs to respond to the Autofill requests from the system. If Autofill results are being displayed in the suggestion strip above the keyboard, then there's an additional actor in the mix, as the keyboard is responsible for providing the space for those results to be displayed.

    Any of these actors can introduce a bug that would disrupt the expected Autofill behaviour. Unfortunately, more often than not, this particular behaviour is the result of a bug in how the browser manages Autofill sessions. If you want to provide us with a website where this occurs, I'd be happy to have someone on my team check whether we're receiving a new Autofill request at step 5.

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