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Dear Team,

I am from Ukraine, we have unstable and unpredictable conditions and I am wondering about the following case:
Let's imagine I am using desktop and mobile apps with internet connection AND when I change the place geographically, let's imagine I have 2 smartphones: both without internet connection
1st one with installed 1password app
2nd one without installed 1password app

  1. 1st case: Can I import somehow the DB taken from my local PC machine to this phone with installed app ? Without internet. Which path for this DB on my local PC Win 10 machine? (of course if its possible to take it manually)
  2. 2nd case: Can I open somehow the DB without application on a phone witn no app and no internet connection? Like 7zip zrchive or similar.

Thank you!

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  • Hi @designisinall

    I'd be happy to help with that. When you install the 1Password app and sign into your account your encrypted data is cached locally on your device. This initial setup requires an internet connection. There is no mechanism to set up a new device without internet. Once the device is signed into your account, you can disconnect from the internet, and continue to access your data. The data will not sync between devices until reconnected, but each device will continue to be able to work offline independently. Once a connection is re-established, all changes will sync.

    There is no practical mechanism for viewing or editing 1Password data on a smartphone that does not have the 1Password app. While it is possible to export data from 1Password, this would be insecure, and isn't a path I could recommend as a means of access. Again while it isn't something I could recommend as a solution here, you can read about exporting from 1Password here:

    How to export data from 1Password

    (note: export and import are functions currently only available in our desktop apps, not the mobile apps)

    You and everyone from Ukraine are in our thoughts. 🙏🏻 Please let us know if there is further assistance we can provide.


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    This is pretty clear. Request can be closed.

    Thank you a lot for your support!

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