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1Password and Cygwin

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Windows 10 , (cygwin) 2.9.0

>op --version 2.3.0
I do not get any output if I try to add an account.
> op account add --signin --address https://XXXXX/ --email XXXXXX --secret-key XXXXXX

If I try e.g.
>op vault list
No accounts configured for use with 1Password CLI.

You can either:
- Sign in with biometric unlock; see https://developer.1password.com/docs/cli/get-started/#sign-in for details.
- Add an account manually with op account add; see op account add --help for details.

P.s.: In Powershell/Cmd everytyhing works

1Password Version: op-cli 2.3.0
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10 (cygwin


  • Hey @michael80r

    We currently officially only support PowerShell on Windows platforms, as Cygwin has not been tested with op.

    I can, however, try to help you debug this issue.

    When you run the following command to sign in:

    op account add --signin --address https://XXXXX/ --email XXXXXX --secret-key XXXXXX

    Does it prompt for the password?

    The traditional behavior should look like:

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