1Password App Notifications For One-Time Passwords Idea

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I’ve always wished the One-Time Password notification banner automatically disappeared after a short while, instead of staying in the Notification Center indefinitely. I realize I can manage the Notification settings at the system level, such as to not display Notifications in the Notification Center after being viewed. But I’m curious if you would agree that the app should clear those out after time has passed, leaving any other notification unharmed? Thank you.

In case my post is a little confusing, here’s another way to think about it: When I use the auto fill feature to login to a website/app, and it has a one-time password, 1Password automatically copies the one-time code, along with showing an iOS notification so the user knows to simply “paste” it. But that notification stays in the Notification Center long after I’ve used the one-time code. My understanding is app developers can later clear certain notifications that aren’t necessary.


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    +1 from me

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    I set iOS to not put 1Password notifications into the Notification Center and Lock Screen, which is kind of a workaround. But that also means I miss Watchtower notifications if I don’t see them when they arrive.

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