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I've recently moved from 1P7 to 1P8 and noticed a missing feature that had changed my workflow significantly. Let me first say, I LOVE the clean organized new UX/UI -- awesome. That said, the part of my brain that makes me quite particular immediately noticed a change while creating a new or editing an existing item's icon. I can no longer copy an icon from the clipboard into 1P8!

This was an amazing feature that streamlined the steps and allowed me to quickly customize the look of my vault items. My previous workflow was as follows:

  1. Find awesome square icon via a simple Google search
  2. Right-click and save to clipboard
  3. From the New Item or Edit Item, grab the carrot on the 1P7 icon edit and choose the "paste from clipboard" option

With the 1P8, this workflow is quite a bit more arduous...

  1. Find awesome square icon via a simple Google search
  2. Save image locally to hard drive
  3. From the 1P8 New Item or Edit Item, grab the icon carrot and "Choose new icon..."
  4. Navigate to file and open

Yeah, I know, Kevin. One more step -- whoop-de-do. In most cases, because I use search for icons with Google Image I can grab the very first square icon I see and right-click to copy. It literally takes seconds. With the new workflow I need to first right-click and attempt to "save image as..." to identify if the image is an appropriate PNG or JPG-based search result. I have to avoid transparent files as they don't easily convert (or I have to take an additional step in Photoshop to flatten them and turn the transparency white). The new process can take 10x more time.

... Again, may not seem like a huge deal, but I've been manually updating my entire password world -- including (finally) shutting off Google Password Manager and having 1P be my sole repository. I have 150 or so items completed and well over 220 more to go. This new 1P8 workflow has slowed my pace! Help me, please :-)

1Password Version: 8.7.0
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Windows 10


  • Hey @kcooke315, thanks for your detailed feedback! We greatly appreciate you sharing your workflow as it can help highlight the importance of a feature.

    I can certainly see how having the ability to copy an icon from the clipboard improves your workflow. While I can't make any promises, we currently have an internal request for this feature and I'll be sure to add your voice to this request. Thanks again for your feedback and let me know if there's anything else we can help with!



  • nukmicah
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    +1 from me, too

  • Hey @nukmicah, I've added your +1 to this request. Thanks!


    ref: IDEA-I-891

  • jkmartindale
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    Definitely the first thing that I noticed when trying 1Password 8 and one of the things that is making me question if I want to move over full time

  • ag_mike_d
    edited November 2022

    Hello @jkmartindale,

    Thanks for this feedback about not having the ability to copy an icon from the clipboard and that it's second thoughts about moving over. I've passed your thoughts along to the team by way of the feature request we're tracking.

    ref: IDEA-I-891

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