Getting 404 on getting item get using v2 but not on v1

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Hello, I recently tried to migrate our stack from the v1 CLI to v2. Everything works as expected using v1 but when I use v2 I'm getting some 404s trying to get some items. While keeping this post as redacted as I can here's an example of the commands I'm running after logging in:

op item list --vault "My Team" --categories Password

Running the above I can see all the passwords in my vault, also the ones that then 404 once I try to 'get' them.

I can try to get some of them using either:

op item get MY_NAME
op item get "Some other name"
op item get s0m3u11dbl4bl4bl4

But for some reason on some of them I'll get a

op item get s0m3u11dbl4bl4bl4

[ERROR] 2022/05/31 10:57:18 (404) Not Found: The requested resource was not found.

While after downgrading back to v1 I get

op get item s0m3u11dbl4bl4bl4

{"uuid":"s0m3u11dbl4bl4bl4","templateUuid":"005","trashed":"N","createdAt":"2020-11-30T12:17:39Z","updatedAt":"2020-11-30T12:17:39Z","changerUuid":"s0m3Oth3ru11dbl4bl4bl4","itemVersion":1,"vaultUuid":"s0m3V4ultu11dbl4bl4bl4","details":{"notesPlain":"","password":"some/garbled/string","passwordHistory":[],"sections":[{"name":"linked items","title":"Related Items"}]},"overview":{"ainfo":"30 Nov 2020 at 12:17:39","ps":100,"title":"Some Secret Title"}}

Would you have any pointers if this is a bug or a mistake on my behalf?

Many thanks


1Password Version: 7.9.5
Extension Version: 2.3.1/1.12.5
OS Version: macOS 12.3.1


  • Justin.Yoon_1PJustin.Yoon_1P

    Team Member

    Hi there @lcl

    We currently have an open bug issue that has been causing 404s (only on the op client, not on the desktop or web clients) when a user is trying to op item get an item that a deleted user has created.

    Would you be be able to remember if that is the case? Unfortunately we only expose the user that last edited the item, but not the user who created the item, so you may have to go by memory if possible..

    What's interesting is that another person that reported this bug found a workaround.

    They were able to make superfluous changes by calling op item edit AN_ITEM_THAT_RETURNS_404 with no field edit statements, and then they were able to access the item via op item get. Hopefully this workaround is applicable to your situation for the time being.

    Looking forward to your response, we will prioritize this bug in one of our upcoming development cycles.

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