Face ID not initiating automatically on app open after idle

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In the newest early access update, after not using the app for 2 minutes then reopening it, the Face ID pop-up doesn’t automatically show, now you have to click the Face ID button.


  • roadrunner562roadrunner562
    Community Member

    I’m also seeing this problem. It’s worse if you just use the app because it does not have an option to use Face ID. I found that I could force close the app and reopen it, then it uses Face ID or I have to enter my password again. The Face ID button shows up when 1password within safari.

  • EggsAndAvoEggsAndAvo
    Community Member

    Yeah now that I’ve used it for a bit, Face ID feels super junky now and hardly works. Like most the time it just makes me put in my password with no Face ID button either

  • WaitingForGuacamoleWaitingForGuacamole
    Community Member

    Doesn't work at all for me, even with logging out/reinstalling/logging in/authorizing Face ID. It has never worked for me under any circumstance with the Early Access version.

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