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In 1P7 there's an option to have autofill entries show up in a dropdown below the entry field rather than as buttons above the keyboard.
With 1P8 I only see them above the keyboard. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra with Gboard.
I prefer the dropdown format. Will this be added to 1P8?

Also, in ver 7 autofill was somewhat unreliable. Sometimes it would not show up automatically and I'd need to select autofill from the long press menu. Sometimes even when I do that I'd get an error saying autofill wouldn't work or just nothing would happen. Any chance v8 will be more reliable for autofill?


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    Hello @DrRZ, thanks for your questions!

    I know there's been some internal discussion about adding the "Always show Autofill suggestions below field" setting to 1Password 8. While I can't make any promises about the development of 1Password, I agree it's a useful feature and is one I'd like to see personally. I will share your interest with the team!

    Quoting mverde:

    We figuratively and literally did a Brain transplant for Autofill in 1Password 8 for Android (the new component that is responsible for the filling logic is called "Brain"). In general, this should mean that Autofill is now smarter and can fill more data in more places. For example, you can now fill credit cards and identities, which you could not previously do in 1Password 7 for Android.

    With our internal build prior to the early access and now with the early access, I've had a lot of opportunity to compare filling with 1Password 7 and 8. In my experience, 1Password 8 is more consistent and can fill in websites where 1Password 7 cannot. Work on this will continue as we approach and pass the general access launch.

    There are a lot of factors at play with Autofill and we're not in control of all of them. If you do run into issues with Autofill, we would definitely like to hear about it so we can investigate and look into any changes that could be implemented from our end. Thanks again!

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