How do I have 1Password store my rewards cards' front, back, and barcode?

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Ideally, I would really like to have Apple Wallet to store my reward and loyalty cards since a few of them are easy to link to Wallet. However, Wallet does not welcome all reward/loyalty cards to be in an iPhone's collection, which is a limitation with iOS 15. And I really prefer not to go with some reward/loyalty app that seeks to invade my privacy like KeyRing and others.

So, is there an easy and convenient way to add to a 1Password vault each of my reward and loyalty cards' front image, back image, and/or barcodes? And if so, where can I find current set of instructions or even a video to accomplish this with 1Password? Finally, once they are all entered in 1Password, just how easy it to locate a card and show it a cashier on my iPhone?

Thank you very much in advance!

1Password Version: 7.9.5
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: 12.4
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  • kaptainkyle
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    There's really no way to store images in 1Password as far as I know. What you want is something like Stocard for iOS. I've had it for awhile but honestly almost all of the reward/loyalty cards are tied to my cell# so it's not super useful.

  • Hey @kaptainkyle :

    You can store the reward/loyalty cards as a Reward Program item in 1Password. If you'd like to attach photos to the item, select "Add New File", and follow the onscreen instructions.

    To make these cards easily accessible when opening the 1Password for iOS app, you can add them to your Favourites:


  • MrLibraryMan
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    Thanks, Alvin, for the step-by-step instructions! I had forgotten about this feature.

    When I followed your steps, I quickly realized just how clunky the feature is. I sure hope the 1Password Team will develop this feature to easily add reward cards that will actually read with one's iPhone Camera the member's numbers, the PIN, member's name, etc. to automatically populate the fields. I also hope they create a feature that will incorporate the iPhone Camera to automatically crop front and back images of a membership card, and then make it visible instantly both as a thumbnail image and as a full size image. That's what I would like-- and I'll bet everyone else would like that as well! Anyway, thanks!

  • You're most welcome @MrLibraryMan , and thanks so much for the feedback! Hopefully we can improve upon this in the future.

  • ikjadoon
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    I’d like to also chime in with another use case, @Alvin.L_1P, thaf explains why the current workaround of image uploads is clunky or hits limitations.

    The Apple Watch or any smartwatch. Stocard and other membership storage applications display a full-height, pumped-up-100% brightness, perfectly cropped barcode on my watch that automated scanners can read.

    My photography skills are nowhere near good enough to match an app-generated barcode.

    I just found out about pinning items to my Apple Watch on 1Password 8, but thought it missed a primary use case: barcode scanning at gyms, libraries, etc.

  • thirdgrader
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    I’m confused as to why attaching a file is not an option in most of the logins. At least that’s the case in iOS.

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