"API Credential" cannot be registered in the CLI.

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Output a template file and add
create command, I get the following error

op item template get "API Credential" >a.json
op item create --template a.json
[ERROR] 2022/06/07 21:41:31 "API_CREDENTIAL" is not a recognized item category, must be one of Wireless Router, API Credential, Medical Record, Passport, Driver License, Email Account, Membership, Secure Note, Server, Bank Account, Crypto Wallet, Document, Software License, SSH Key, テスト, Database, Outdoor License, Social Security Number, Password, Reward Program, Credit Card, Identity, Login.

When I re-run the template with the category "API Credential", I get the following error

op item create --template a.json
[ERROR] 2022/06/07 21:42:46 "API Credential" is an unknown item type: "API Credential" isn't a recognized item type.

Delete the category line from template and run

op item create --template a.json --category "API Credential"
[ERROR] 2022/06/07 21:44:29 validateVaultItem failed to Validate: Couldn't validate the item: "[ItemValidator] has found 1 errors, 0 warnings: \nErrors:{1. Required field \"item.templateUuid\" not found}"

Version Information:
1Password for Mac 8.8.0(80800129、NIGHTLY)

$ sw_vers
ProductName:    macOS
ProductVersion: 11.6.1
BuildVersion:   20G224
$ op --version

1Password Version: Mac 8.8.0(80800129、NIGHTLY)
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 11.6.1


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