Remove Create Privacy Card from popup list


Running 80800126, on BETA channel and latest 1P for Safari 2.3.5
Running latest MacOS and Safari.
I revoked integration on, but the Privacy Card item still appears in the credit card popup.
I have deleted and reinstalled 1P and 1P for Safari.
I have deleted the website data for 1P and in Safari Prefs.

1Password Version: 80800126
Extension Version: 2.3.5
OS Version: 12.4


  • bkaupe
    Community Member

    Dropped back to 8.7.1 Production and get the same behavior.

  • Hi @bkaupe:

    Have you disconnected Privacy from your 1Password account as well? You can disconnect it here:

    Let me know if that improves your state of play.


  • bkaupe
    Community Member

    That worked on 8.7.1 Production.
    I rarely use the web instance of 1Password and never poked around the account management features before.
    It would be great to have this dis-integration available right from the application.
    It's very easy to set up the Privacy integration and it's easy to revoke access on the Privacy side, but the extra step in 1P account management is not documented anywhere I can find.
    If this issue is exceedingly rare, I can understand that you would deal with it as a tech support solution and not a product feature.

  • Thank you @bkaupe. It's great to know that Jack's suggestion worked for you, and we appreciate your feedback on the process as well. If there's anything further we can do, just let us know. 👍

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