Early Access #8: 🏎️

edited June 2022 in iOS

Happy WWDC week, testers! This week's update has a number of subtle, yet important improvements. Our development team is working on a number of exciting new features for you, so stay tuned for upcoming TestFlight releases!

Thank you so much for testing and for all of your feedback so far. We really hope you enjoy this week's updates. Please share your experiences in the iOS beta category.

Here are this week's most notable improvements:

  • Added a swipe action to the item list in the Password AutoFill extension to support showing an item's details. #7232
  • VoiceOver labels have been given a thorough review throughout the app. #15409,#15406
  • The date picker now sports Done and Cancel buttons. #6349
  • Improved link readability in Account settings !12998
  • The keyboard will no longer obscure focused fields during item editing. #15416
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