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Hey everyone,

Loving op CLI and 1Pasword8 features. 👍 Is it possible to use op over an SSH connection, so that issuing op commands on the remote host will authenticate with the 1Password vault running on the local host?

I often SSH into my iMac from my MacBook (1Password installed on both) and it would be incredible to be able to issue op commands on the remote iMac that authenticates with the 1Password instance locally on my MacBook. Currently, I have a bunch of scripts that pull credentials and API keys from my 1Password vault using the CLI, but these scripts break when using them over SSH, because 1Password on the remote host (e.g., my iMac that I SSHed into) is locked.

If this isn't something the CLI supports out of the box, is there a way to make it work using SSH port forwarding?


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  • Justin.Yoon_1PJustin.Yoon_1P

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    edited June 9

    Hey @Michael Mercurio ,

    We do not support authenticating from local OP8 desktop client to remote op over SSH, I will bring this up to our security team before we look into supporting this.

    Thank you for your kind sentiments and input!

    update: I've just heard back and we will not be able to enforce the same level of security with the current biometric authentication model over SSH.

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    What about setting up a 1Password Connect server?

    (I use that when SSH-ing into a Raspberry Pi and running scripts that use op to get credentials)

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