1Password CLI seems to break apps that use readline

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Hey there, I'm trying to use the 1Password CLI with psql, the PostgreSQL interactive terminal, but I'm running into some unexpected behavior with the interactive readline input of that process. After connecting to a database server psql normally outputs some text and displays a prompt, but this doesn't happen when running psql through the 1Password CLI. Example: op run --env-file=$HOME/.env-psql -- psql

I can still enter psql commands, and they do output, but the experience is not great. All of the readline functionality seems to be unavailable, such as showing a prompt and using the arrow keys to scroll through previous commands. Arrow keys show up as terminal input sequences ^[[A. The exit command does not work with psql anymore, so I have to send ^C.


This is even easier to reproduce if you run bash.


1Password Version: OP CLI 2.4.1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: macOS 12.3

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