Feature Request: Add View (in Watchtower?) to see all (via Psst!) link shared items



I know, in the context of 1Password Teams, shared items can be seen in the Activity Log as described in the Announcement Blog for 1Password Secure Sharing Tool (or Psst!.

But I haven't found anything that relates to my issue directly (in the app, on 1password.com or as feature request here in the forums [although the last thing I can't really believe]):
Is there an in-app view where I can see from which items I have made a copy to share via link with others? I'm not often using this feature currently, but especially then it is not easy to keep track when and what I have shared (with whom - if I choose to specify an e-mail address).

I'm using 1Password Family. It has not the Activity Log (and that is great, because I do not want to see what others share). I just want to see what I have shared via Psst! Maybe even a history of 30 days (just to keep it congruent with the deleted items retention policy).

Or have I just overlooked that already existing feature?

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