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I have a modified a ton of different images for 1password for my logins at work and servers - issue i have is when you create a new login, edit the icon, pictures all pictures are displayed without the image ?! load it in explorer separately from the 1password and the images are seen... A bit annoying anyone experienced this? As i cannot select the right image only by name and not by looking at the image....

for example;

1Password Version: Not Provided
Extension Version: Not Provided
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  • 1P_Gem1P_Gem

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    Hi @wooderm! This is certainly an interesting one - thanks for reporting this😄

    I've done some testing and have been able to reproduce this issue with any files stored within a OneDrive folder. Are you able to see the previews for these images if you move them elsewhere (for example your desktop), before you view them in 1Password?

  • woodermwooderm
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    So I have to open a secondary window to see the icons. So it is a backed up sync on drive. I will try some copies local without sync to on drive and see if I can see the images and will confirm

  • woodermwooderm
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    ok so it works if not on one drive... But also one icon from my list is ok ! just a jpg file like the others !!!

    and this is on my onedrive.

  • Tertius3Tertius3
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    This is not an issue with 1Password. It is because your Icons are in your Onedrive folder and you activated the "files on demand" feature of Onedrive. In this case, Windows will not any more provide the thumbnails but the Onedrive servers instead, even for files that are synced locally (with that green checkmark in a circle). It seems you saved your icons in a format for which Onedrive does not provide a thumbnail preview, so you're seeing a default icon.

    If you disable the Onedrive "Files on demand" feature, Onedrive will download any missing files and Windows will again create thumbnails instead of Onedrive. You can also just move your icons outside of Onedrive, in this case you will also see the thumbnails in Explorer again.

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