I love 1Password, but v8 has made me less productive

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I love 1Password, and have used it for years, but I feel my recent upgrade to v8 has been a regression.

Before upgrading I had a personal non-sub license, and a team sub license. These were merged into a single sub license in v8, with my personal stuff in a Private vault of my team sub account. It's a little uncomfortable to have my personal passwords merged into a team account, even if it is kept somewhat separate. I understand the desire to move to sub-only accounts, but if someone has a sub account, why not allow people to keep private vaults separate? Maybe it's just a nomenclature issue, but it feel like if my team account was shut down I would lose my private vault. I would hope that isn't the case, but because it shows my team name on my private vault, it feels like that (this is a UX issue). I also have no idea if my passwords are stored locally at all, or only in the cloud. Do I not have an encrypted copy on my computer? If I want a backup and generate a pux file, is that protected at all?

There are a few more issues that make usage of 1Password very difficult. Instead of seamless like in the past, making things easier, it's now slowing me down and making me less productive.

First, when I create a password in a browser on my Mac (I use Brave, which uses the Chrome extension), it does not show up in 1Password on my Mac immediately. Sometimes I need it right away to re-login to a site, but it's not there. Oddly enough I can find the new password in 1Password on my iPhone. Why would it sync to my iPhone, but not be viewable on my Mac? This just happened when setting up my account here for 1Password support.

Second, for some reason I'm asked on my Mac to enter my password at least every two weeks, although it seems like it's asking it much more frequently. I used to have an easy to remember (but long) pass phrase to access my personal 1Password vault. When merging into my team sub account, it now requires the password generated for that account. So I need an impossible to remember password to access my password manager? Why wouldn't TouchID be enough here? I don't understand why this was instituted. This seems actually bad security design. I couldn't even figure out how to change my password. Right now I need to copy it from my iPhone, which allows me to access it from the app. If you lock down the iOS app at the same time, where would I find my password? Of course, I mean manually copy it from my phone because copying it via Universal Clipboard doesn't seem to work.

Also, in the past when I needed to create a password for a new site, I could go to the menu bar, and quickly generate a password from there. I could also search for passwords from there and get quick access to everything there. Now I can't do anything from the menu except open 1Password or launch quick access. Basically you added a step to get to the Quick Access, and removed the password generator. This is a regression. Everything takes more steps now, and more time. Please add a password generator (with adjustments) back to the menu bar app. Recently used and Recently added would also be useful. Perhaps the intention is that Quick Access is to be accessed via a keyboard combo, but even that doesn't help with quickly generating a password. Also, why remove the menu bar app functionality?

I'm hoping these issues will be fixed quickly. I took a leap of faith leaving behind my non-sub license to the all-sub model in v8, and I'm not feeling very good about it.


1Password Version: 8.7.1
Extension Version:
OS Version: macOS 12.4


  • trauringtrauring
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    To be more succinct, v8 was promoted as increasing security and productivity, but I feel like both have been decreased in this release.

  • reebs26reebs26
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    Did anyone from 1Password ever respond to you?

  • chinamaxchinamax
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    I'm having these problems as well

  • shemphillshemphill
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    Yep! I totally agree with many of the things you say here. I don't know why I now have to download an email to make it a file accessible from a dialog window rather than just be able to drag it into 1P like before. I always save software receipts and serial number emails in 1p and now I have to download them to be able to add them to 1P. THIS REALLY STINKS! It was much easier before. PLEASE PLEASE add back the drag and drop email ability to 1P!!!

  • andrew.l_1Pandrew.l_1P

    Team Member

    Hi Philip (@trauring),

    Apologies this got missed when you originally posted it, thankfully the recent bumps have resurfaced it. Firstly, thanks for being a long time 1Password user and sharing your kind words and detailed feedback. I'll do my best to tackle these questions and concerns. ๐Ÿ™‚

    if my team account was shut down I would lose my private vault.

    Since they're part of the same account in this case, you're correct. My recommendation here is to have an individual or family account of your own. You can use multiple 1Password accounts alongside each other in 1Password 8 and collections make it possible to view items from both simultaneously: Use collections to create custom groups of vaults

    I also have no idea if my passwords are stored locally at all, or only in the cloud. Do I not have an encrypted copy on my computer?

    To ensure you can still access your data while offline, there is a copy of it stored locally. While your data is stored both locally and in your 1Password account, the key to decrypt it never leaves your device. I'll link to some articles in case you're interested in reading more about our security model:

    If I want a backup and generate a pux file, is that protected at all?

    1PUX files are unencrypted and meant for export purposes. Our recommendation to "backup" your account is instead to safely store the credentials to access it using an Emergency Kit. Here's some additional information on both topics:

    when I create a password in a browser on my Mac (I use Brave, which uses the Chrome extension), it does not show up in 1Password on my Mac immediately.

    Sorry to hear about this, it doesn't sound like expected behaviour and I'd be happy to do some additional troubleshooting with you to figure out what's going on. Let me know if you're still experiencing this and we'll dig deeper.

    for some reason I'm asked on my Mac to enter my password at least every two weeks

    Our original hope with this decision was that it would help avoid situations where folks forget their account passwords because they haven't used it in too long. I'm happy to share that this has been updated though and you now have more control over how frequently you need to enter your account password (while we're on this settings page, I'll also highlight where you can adjust your settings for Universal Clipboard):


    If you'd still prefer to change your account password, you can do so on 1Password.com.

    Perhaps the intention is that Quick Access is to be accessed via a keyboard combo, but even that doesn't help with quickly generating a password.

    While Quick Access can be used with a mouse, I do personally find it faster to navigate with keyboard shortcuts and would recommend the same to others. We have several open feature requests that I think address your concerns here so I'll add votes on your behalf to them. In the meantime, you can generate a new password via the desktop app or browser extension.

    In the desktop app, creating a new item with a password field will give you the option to generate a new password. After selecting one, you can then copy it to be used elsewhere:


    In the 1Password browser extensions, you can access the password generator in the hamburger menu after clicking the 1Password icon in your browser's toolbar:


    Editing your generating preferences from there, you'll also see an option to save those preferences as the default to be used for suggested passwords. These passwords will appear in line when registering new accounts and can be saved directly from there:


    Let me know how that goes or if you have any questions along the way. Thanks again for your feedback!

    @chinamax, I've added votes on your behalf to the same feature requests, thanks for letting me know you share these concerns. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿป

    @shemphill, I've also added you to our internal tracker for the drag and drop feature. I can understand where this would be useful and appreciate you letting me know it's important to you.

    ref: IDEA-I-298
    ref: IDEA-I-1465
    ref: IDEA-I-1967
    ref: IDEA-I-464

  • timbo74timbo74
    Community Member

    I'm a longtime 1Password user, and a subscriber for about 2 years. Ever since I upgraded to version 8, I have experienced nothing but heartburn. Many of the comments made above have happened to me so I won't reiterate them. Something I haven't seen complained about, though, is that when I want to create an account on a website, after entering in a unique username and password, I am not automatically asked if I want to save it to 1Password. Version 7 and earlier always asked me that, which was very helpful. Something that was mentioned above but I want to say "ditto" is how it is either next to impossible or hidden somewhere in the new "look" that I can't just create a new password and go back to the website I'm trying to set up an account to. Anyway..... Dave, 1Password team... what in the world has happened to 1Password?????

  • andrew.l_1Pandrew.l_1P

    Team Member

    Hi @timbo74,

    Thanks for your feedback here, I'm sorry to hear your experience with 1Password 8 hasn't gone as smoothly as we would hope. It sounds like the 1Password browser extension might help with both the things you mentioned: Get started with 1Password in your browser

    The inline suggestion generates a password and clicking it will allow you to save the data you've already entered, here's an example of how this would look:

    Let me know how that works for you or if you have any questions. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • ggascoigneggascoigne
    Community Member

    I hate to pile on the "v8 has made me less productive", but since it really has, here's my issue.

    Referring to @andrew.l_1P's example of saving to 1Password, my issue is that, the "use suggested password" popup does display, but clicking on it does nothing. It's pretty frustrating, I have to create new entries manually in the main app and generate a password there to past into web forms. I've uninstalled and reinstalled both the main app and the Chrome plugin, nothing makes it work.

    Possibly related, but when 1Password is trying to fill in passwords it can be horribly slow, like 10s of just thinking about it, then suddenly the password pops into the field.

    All in all a disappointing upgrade, I've been using 1Password for over 10 years and this feels like the single buggiest and frustrating release.

  • andrew.l_1Pandrew.l_1P

    Team Member

    Hi @ggascoigne,

    Thanks for your feedback, it certainly sounds like you're experiencing some unexpected behaviour, I apologize for any interruption it's caused you. I do have a couple suspects for what might be causing this, but it would help to look under the hood so we can confirm. I'd like to ask you to create a console log from 1Password in your browser:

    Attach the console log to an email message addressed to [email protected].

    With your email please include:

    You should receive an automated reply from our BitBot assistant with a Support ID number. Please post that number here so I can connect our conversations. Hopefully we can identify the issue and offer a workaround. ๐Ÿ™‚

    ref: dev/core/core#17386
    ref: dev/core/core#17385

  • ggascoigneggascoigne
    Community Member

    @andrew.l_1P support ID [#XSP-66172-223]. Thanks for the prompt follow up.

  • andrew.l_1Pandrew.l_1P

    Team Member

    Thanks, @ggascoigne, I can confirm we've received it. We'll take a look and get back to you as soon as possible. Enjoy your weekend in the meantime! ๐Ÿ˜Š

    ref: XSP-66172-223

  • nicolasdinicolasdi
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    version 8.9.8

    when I am looking at an item in 1P.
    why are Delete, Move, Add to Favorites, Share, etc hidden behind a three-dot menu? i have a nice big screen. there's plenty of space. Only "Edit" is available.

  • nicolasdinicolasdi
    Community Member

    Why can't I drag an item from Recently Deleted to Archived?
    "You don't have permission to modify this item."

    Why is restoring a deleted item hidden behind a contextual menu?

    I restored an item accidentally. Which one was it? Where did it go? Natural reaction is to hit Cmd-Z to undo.
    Why doesn't UNDO work on a Mac app?

    CONSTANTLY fighting this app.

    Recently Deleted Items don't get a three-dot-more menu to maybe idk, move them?
    Under the contextual menu item, I only get two choices... restore or delete permanently. ๐Ÿคฆ๐Ÿปโ€โ™‚๏ธ

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