Authentication timing out (because of Duo 2FA I think?) in 1Password 8

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My company uses Duo MFA to control access to our 1Password accounts. When I was using 1Password v7, once a day I would get a message that said "1Password would like to open Safari," which would then open a Safari window with the Duo prompt in it, then close once I authorized the push to my phone.

Since updating to 1Password 8, it's stopped doing that altogether. I thought this was maybe because there was better integration with the add-in I have installed on Firefox, and that it was using that to determine whether I was authorized with Duo or not (I still get a daily authorization request in Firefox to auth with Duo, just not from the main application anymore).

But in the last week or so, I've been getting a popup a minute or two after starting work for the day in the main 1P app that says "Your authentication process has timed out." If I click the OK button on that, it doesn't seem to come back unless I lock my vault and then unlock it again. At this point, it pops up an MFA prompt in Firefox and then seems to work fine.

So I guess what I'm saying is: 1Password 8 doesn't seem to support refreshing the Duo MFA token in the same way that 1Password 7 did—specifically, if I leave my vault indefinitely unlocked (I work from home so unless I'm taking my laptop somewhere else, I don't bother locking my vault), it won't refresh my authentication and seems to time out trying to do so. But locking it and then unlocking it seems to fix the problem.

1Password Version: 8.7.1
Extension Version: 2.3.5
OS Version: MacOS 12.4


  • nrosenrose
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    Just wanted to chime in that I've begun experiencing the exact same thing, and I updated to 1Password 8 very recently as well. Same behavior you describe, also with Duo MFA. (Appreciate that end bit about locking it / unlocking it. That's helped!)

  • whiskeycolawhiskeycola
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    Hi, just to comment that I am also experiencing the same issue here since updating to v8. Each day I start my computer I get the "Your authentication process has timed out" message. If I quit 1Password and launch it again then I do get the MFA prompt in my browser.

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