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The field fill popup is in the way a lot. First, it pops up on fields where it is not appropriate. Second, there are cases where I need the android field controls (copy/paste/select all, etc.), which are under the 1p popup


  • ag_timothyag_timothy

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    Hello @huffalumpy, are you by chance running both 1Password 7 and 8 on your Android device? It sounds like you may be seeing suggestions below fields from 1Password 7 concurrently with a suggestion strip prompt from 1Password 8.

    To check this, open and unlock 1Password 7 for Android, tap Settings > Autofill then confirm Autofill and Accessibility are set off. Next open and unlock 1Password 8, tap ⚙️(Settings) > Autofill and confirm Autofill is on. Let me know if that helps!

  • huffalumpyhuffalumpy
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    I had not removed 7 from my phone. I have now removed it. Hopefully that will resolve the issue.

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

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    Hi @huffalumpy, just to clarify, you're welcome to keep 1Password 7 installed on your device. Having Accessibility filling active in 1Password 7 at the same time as Autofill in 1Password 8 can cause some conflict. As long as your Autofill settings are off in one and on in another you should be good to go!

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