Do I have to enter my password EVERY time?

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I've been using 1Password in the Apple "ecosystem" for a good while, on an iMac, iPad, and iPhone. Recently I added a Linux install and had no problem there.

Today I bought a low end Android tablet and added 1Password. I've run into 2 issues. One is taken care of, but I'd still like to know what is going on with that. The other is ongoing.

1 - When I tried to register the new 1Password, the option to scan the QR code came up. 1Password has permission to use the camera, but it told me I could not scan the QR code. What's going on there? Did I need to enable another permission?

2 - I'm setting up a number of streaming services. (This tablet is basically going to be a small TV in my workspace.) Many streaming services have you enter your email/username on one screen, then your password on another screen. I enabled biometric feedback, but I don't see anything indicating this tablet has that. (I have to unlock the tablet with a passcode - no thumb or face recognition.) My guess is 1Password doesn't do facial recognition on its own. I did find I could specify not to require a password if 1Password is open and it's been less than X minutes. Is there a way to not have to enter my password for 1Password every time I want a username or password? For instance, is there some way to make it skip that if it's been only 2 minutes since my last entry? (Note this is while using another program, so 1Password is in the background when I'm doing this.)

1Password Version: 7.9.3
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Android 10


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    Hello @ImaginaryTango, thanks for joining us on the community forum!

    1 - Are Google Play Services installed and up to date on your tablet? Google Play Services are required for some features which may be the culprit here.

    2 - By default, anytime you switch focus to the home screen or another app, 1Password for Android will lock. 1Password for Android will also lock any time the app is closed completely.

    You can change security settings to keep 1Password unlocked in the background or set a PIN for quick access. I'd like to suggest two different setting options:

    1. From Settings > Security turn Lock on exit off then tap Automatically lock and set an auto-lock interval (1 minute to Never). With Lock on exit off you can unlock 1Password with your account password then leave it running in the background. As long as 1Password is not closed completely 1Password will stay unlocked until the auto-lock interval ends. During that period you can open 1Password without your account password.

    2. From Settings > Security turn Lock on exit on and set a PIN. With Lock on exit on and a PIN you can unlock 1Password with your account password and leave it running in the background. As long as 1Password continues to run in the background you can unlock the app with the set PIN.

    Many tablets, especially if they're a little bit older, do not have a fingerprint scanner or a facial scanner available. So it sounds like this may not be an option on your device. Let me know if either of those options work for you!

  • ImaginaryTangoImaginaryTango
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    Thank you! That helps.

    I'm careful about security, so this is the kind of setting I'll change temporarily and change it back when I'm done. I like passphrases I can remember, so it's nice to not have to type it all in for every streaming service setup!

  • ag_timothyag_timothy

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    Hey @ImaginaryTango, I'm happy I could help! Let us know if you have any other questions.

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