Using Windows Firefox extension on desktop PC. Is there option to change time-out settings?

I'm a new "Personal" user and I am happy I found your product. I'm running the trial version on Windows 10 and have installed the Firefox extension. Setting up my personal vault has been easy thus far. My only complaint is having to constantly log in during a browser session. Is there a way to change preferences such that I am not logged out after 10 minutes? I'm on my personal computer on a private network and this seems a bit unnecessary. Is this occurring because I am still on a trial version? I have purchased a license but it has not yet gone into effect. Thank you.

1Password Version:
Extension Version: Firefox 2.3.5
OS Version: Windows 10
Referrer: forum-search:user preferences in Firefox


  • DamnatusDamnatus
    Community Member

    Yes, this is possible! :)

    As the 1Password App and the Extension share their (un)lock state, with the Desktop App having priority, this setting is set in the App.
    Unlock the App, then go to the Settings (three vertical dots next to 1Password on the left upper side) > Security and there you can change the idle time before auto-locking. If you would use only the Browser Extension this Setting would be there and reachable with a right click on the 1Password Icon and selecting settings > Security. See here for the official support document on the Auto-Lock functionality :)

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