[Bug] "Save password to 1Password" shows up after entering URL in Firefox

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After updating to the latest beta release of 1Password, 7.9.4-BETA1, a popup is shown asking "Save password to 1Password?" every time an URL is entered in Firefox. Obviously this isn't very useful and quickly becomes annoying.

The release notes in the Play Store mention enhanced autofill. I'm assuming this behaviour is a bug in 1Password, and not in Firefox.

I'm using a Google Pixel 4a running the latest stable Android 12 release. 1Password is setup as an autofill service, the accessibility service is not enabled.

1Password Version: 7.9.4-BETA1
Extension Version: Not Provided
OS Version: Not Provided


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    Hello @jpelgrom thanks for bringing this to our attention. I tested it myself and was able to reproduce. I've gone ahead and filed an issue with our development team. Switching to the current stable, 7.9.3 should stop 1Password from prompting you to save URLs in Firefox.

    To switch to the stable:
    1. Confirm you can sign in on the 1Password website or another 1Password app.
    2. Open the 1Password 7 page in the Google Play Store.
    3. Under You're a beta tester, tap Leave.
    4. Uninstall 1Password for Android then reinstall the app.
    5. Sign in and reset your security and Autofill preferences.

    ref: android-1554

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    After latest beta update 1Password has strange issue. On most every page has annoying popup to save or don't save password. It happens when you just open random page. google.com, 1password doesn't matter no specific pages. This happen on any page (Even I don't have an account on that page and asking to save or not.).
    Android 12: with latest security patch.
    Firefox: 101.2.0 (Build #2015885315)
    Phone: Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G
    Keyboard: Samsung Keyboard.

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    Hello @INTRASERVER, thanks for sharing the link! I've gone ahead and merged the conversations.

    As mentioned above, this issue has been filed with our development team. Switching to 7.9.3 with the steps provided will resolve this issue. Thanks again!

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