I took the plunge today and signed up for FastMail

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After much thinking and research, I signed up for FastMail today. I figured 25% off is a help and all I need is the cheapest plan anyways. I do like Apple's Hide My Email, but I thought I would try this. I do like being "locked" into system, and why I use 1Password and not iCloud Keychain. Most of my family can probably use Apple's iCloud Keychain, but of they want to go to Android or anything else, this is 1 less thing to deal with. So, I figured I would try this for the same reason. I use Linux, Windows, and play with Android, so the makes sense. Who knows, I may drop my iCloud email all together someday.

Apple seems pretty strict about security and it's great and bad at the same time. I hear horror stories about people being locked out of their Apple account and it took weeks to recover. I can't wait weeks to have my iCloud email to come back. I know these people unusually get locked out because they don't use a password manager ;)

1 issue I see already, and it's Apple's fault. I use Firefox on everything and I can't use the 1Password extension on iOS for Safari. I hope either Firfox or Apple changes this. I also don't think it's Firefox's fault either.

Any tips would be great!

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