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why the delay of watch tower not function in 1PW 7 , BUT in 8 is function but little delay, thanks.


  • ag_timothyag_timothy

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    Hello @Jsang, thanks for joining us on the community forum!

    We built 1Password 8 for Android from the ground up and included a Watchtower page that parallels what you see in other 1Password 8 apps. Many of the same Watchtower features are included in the 1Password 7 app but are found in effected items rather than a centralized location. Our development efforts have been focused on moving from early access to general access with 1Password 8 for Android rather than making significant changes to the 1Password 7 app.

    You can read more about Watchtower in 1Password 7 for Android here:

    You can download the 1Password 8 for Android early access and check out the changes to Watchtower here:

    Thanks again!

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