1Password App store to site version licensing

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Hey guys,

I know 1Password 4 is not even in beta yet, but I was wondering.

Many developers have implemented a system where there apps can detect the presence of a previous App Store license and use it in lieu of entering a key for those who wish to transition to a developers site version. Many of those developers also no longer sell in the app store so it may be a stop gap measure for them I don't know.

Without going into technical details and all is this a possibility for 1Password ? I am on the fence, but thinking no due to your current presence in the store and the technical reasons like Apple not sharing much information with you etc.

Anyway I just happened to think about it.


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    I'll mention it to the team, but I haven't heard anything about this so far. I'll report back if I find out anything I can share. :)

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