Feature Request - Assign password to a specific form on a page

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I know that this has been suggested in the past. I can't find it now, but I think that request asked that it would be possible to save a password for a specific webpage URL. All the logins for a specific domain are shown in a dropdown. I find it tedious to have your passwords saved like this. it is great to be able to move passwords between browsers and use them on different devices, but It is annoying to always have to select in the drop-down. I have my own website and have a few logins that I want to enter on different pages. Can't you please fix this somehow?

I am not asking you to change the way it is for the default user, but to add another type of field. Like, "only use this password on this specific URL and autofill", and then your browser apps, etc can check first if one is set for the website I'm visiting. If it is, that one is used and not the others. If none is set, it checks the domain as you normally do. I would ideally want it to even autofill a specific form on the page, but that might be difficult. I would save time if I just used the browser's default password saving and it would autofill the password for me whenever I visit. Yes, I know, there are other benefits to using 1Password, but, I still think this is an important feature.

I also believe that you dismissed the previous feature request because "oh this isn't how the average user uses the site", so then introduce a NEW feature for more advanced users. If one person made the effort of creating an account and posting that feature request here, maybe there are others that need it too? I would have loved it if you had listened when he/she proposed that back then. Instead, I just read the denial and sighed. Now, I took the time to write this message because it would save me a second every time I log in.

Don't get me wrong, I like your product, but I just think you really need to consider this feature request, because honestly, if one of your competitors started offering this, I would switch. The same goes for an advanced buyer that's looking for a solution, that I believe would then not choose your product. Discussing this from a business point of view, you want the advanced users. I know that I have personally recommended 1Password to over 100 people. I work in IT, people ask me, and yes I do recommend it to them because it is easy for the "average" consumer, but I promise you that if one of your competitors becomes the go-to-solution for professionals, then you'll slowly see them grow their market share and you'll be none the wiser, so please be wiser :-P So, if you need to sell this to other internal stakeholders, tell them this.

Either way, thanks for creating a great product :-)

1Password Version: 7.9.5
Extension Version: Not Provided
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  • BenBen AWS Team

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    Hi @starandwa

    Thank you for the input on this. You're right -- it is an idea that has been batted around a fair bit. I can't promise that it is something that is going to move forward. What I can do is let you know that I've added your message to our internal tracking system regarding this request, and that I'll advocate for it at every opportunity. I can understand the value of something like this, however we also have to weigh the development effort required to build and maintain it, and potential impact to less technical users, etc. Hopefully it is something we can find a way to implement. Thank you again for sharing. :)


    ref: IDEA-I-57

  • starandwastarandwa
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    Thanks Ben! The other option might be to.. actually I'm not sure if this is possible today, but.. to sync passwords with the browser "vault" for saved passwords in my browser. As an amateur it feels like more work, but i think if your organization is getting stuck on it being too complicated for the average user, then time to think out of the box? I just want it to be easier...

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